Introductory Message from CEO Jason Youner

Introductory Message from CEO Jason Youner

A message from the Founder & CEO of our new consulting firm, a global team of 40 experts.

Getting through the horrific pandemic has been and will continue to be a historic struggle. The outcry for social justice must be heard with massive institutional reforms put in place. On this day and every day let us remain committed to saving this planet for future generations. What we have been doing is not enough. There is barely enough time to ensure that in 50 years there will hundreds of millions of climate refugees and a never ending catastrophic maelstrom of drought, wildfires, megastorms, floods, overvfielming heatwaves, destruction of rainforest, and acidification of oceans that makes what we see going on in today’s world look calm by comparison. While we go about our daily lives and are angry and frightened by what 2020 has brought us, let us look at the bigger picture: Our children and grandchildren and their children will have it much, much worse unless over the ne. 10 years we fight for the future of humanity. Let us face reality and have the courage and strength and moral compass to do what must be done. Today and everyday. Millions of years from now the planet will regenerate and heal itself…but where will humans and civilization be? I hope to engage with you as we build our firm and partner with our clients to help them do their part in the race to get to #netzero.

Jason Youner Founder & CEO
Companies Vs Climate Change Sustainability Consulting

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