Gregory Hamra


Gregory Hamra

Climate Policy Advocate

Business Climate Leaders;

Leader, Miami Chapter

Citizens Climate Lobby

Helping American Business Leaders Advocate for Effective Climate Policy – Bridging the partisan divide in Congress. Driving political will for a livable world. Without a working planet, no other cause matters. Climate disruption is a systemic problem. Here’s a systemic solution. Promoting a market-based solution to the climate crisis endorsed by our nation’s top economists, scientists, and thought-leaders. The Carbon Fee & Dividend plan is a small government, free-enterprise solution to the carbon problem. It has been economically modeled to:
► be revenue-neutral / not grow government
► create millions of jobs (2.1M in 10 years / 2.8M in 20 years)
► protect consumers by directing more money to American households
► eliminate costly and inefficient energy subsidies
► spur competition and innovation
► reduce GHG emissions faster than regular ‘command & control’ regulations
► save 13,000 American lives per year