CvCC Reinforces Commitment to Keep Clients Innovating and Forging Ahead in 2021 and Beyond

CvCC Reinforces Commitment to Keep Clients Innovating and Forging Ahead in 2021 and Beyond

CvCC Reinforces Commitment to Keep Clients Innovating and Forging Ahead in 2021 and Beyond

Shelleyan Lewars, MSL

Sustainability Marketing & Comm Consultant at Companies Vs Climate Change


With 2020 now behind us, we here at Companies v. Climate Change Sustainability Consulting (CvCC) remain optimistic about the future and the prospects for even greater advancements in sustainable development and climate action mitigation and adaptation in this New Year and beyond. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have stymied a number of the inroads gained in the past year, causing further disruptions to UN SDG’s progress, there is truth to the fact that a crisis is often replete with opportunities. This is the CvCC’s mindset on entering into 2021. 


Our pledge for the New Year is to continuously abide by our mission to ‘empower entities to create value while strengthening their environmental and social accountability’. Optimistically, the lessons, trials and triumphs of the past year, are a groundswell for greater collaboration and we are ably positioned to help you advance the most innovative sustainability strategies. So far the opportunities to realize key ESG metrics are promising. The United Nations predicts that the ensuing pandemic presents ‘an impetus to sustain the gains and accelerate implementation of long-overdue measures to set the world on a more sustainable development path and make the global economy more resilient’.


Nevertheless, the majority of the sustainability issues of 2020 were dominated by a ‘potential green recovery from COVID-19, companies and markets making climate change commitments at pace and tightening up of carbon reductions efforts’ according to a trends analyses carried out by Standards & This trend is expected to continue into 2021 but with keener focus on green building technology, sustainable mobility, green energy and leaner production models. There is also the possibility of the US rejoining the Paris Accord under a Biden Presidency increasing the optics for a potentially ‘large proportion  of the global economy refocusing efforts on a net-zero trajectory’.     


All things considered, the urgency to achieve a net zero carbon world by 2050 is still paramount for 2021 but achieving this would require large scale investments in renewables, behavior change and innovation in new technologies (Lo, 2020). CVCC expert consultants are ready to help you develop creative and practical solutions to get your organization on track with emissions targets. Equally, carbon markets, pinpointed as other hot button sustainability trends for 2021, are being touted as a ‘single, uniform, and transparent push to ease our path to a carbon neutral world’. This is a situation that we understand very well and we are ready to work with clients to develop their carbon markets blueprint by acting as an innovative third party, or an extension of staff support to any company, municipality or partnerships. 


But by the same token, efforts to reduce waste by adopting a circular approach and doing away with the linear – ‘take, waste, make’ model takes on stronger significance for 2021. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything else, it is the principle of moderating consumption and prioritizing resources which is at the heart of circularity. Granted, biodiversity, oceans and the blue economy, and technology will also be major talking points for 2021 and beyond, largely because human consumption of resources and our carbon output continue to have a negative impact on biodiversity. In this vein, the product that we gain from the ocean has to be balanced with protection by reducing pollution and overfishing, and as it relates to technology, the creation of new technologies will be crucial to advancing a more sustainable world. 


Indeed, the  outlook for 2021 is highly promising and CvCC consultants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify lurking vulnerabilities and opportunities and help create plans to address them. 


We look forward to continuing to serve you our valued clients both new and existing –  innovating and forging ahead in 2021 and beyond. 

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