Introductory Message from CEO Jason Youner

A message from the Founder & CEO of our new consulting firm, a global team of 40 experts. Getting through the horrific pandemic has been and will continue to be a historic struggle. The outcry for social justice must be heard with massive institutional reforms

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5 Ways to Keep Cool and the Planet Cooler During the Crisis

Listen At one the resources below: Spotify PocketCasts Anchor     By Karly Pulido, Sustainability Consultant, CvCC The question: Why has mankind neglected to take advantage of the energy source that not only graces the planet every day, but whose duration of remaining existence will at

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The Power of the Sun

When many people think of the sun they think of the large orange ball in the sky that makes the planet hot when it rises and cool when it sets. Although true, this is a very limited view. With heat comes energy, and humans rely

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Transformative Partnership

Companies supporting nonprofits is a well-established staple in philanthropy. Maybe a particular relationship began because of an affinity for the cause by the business’ founder. Maybe a cause had alignment with a company’s business. Maybe it’s little more than corporate optics and PR. Maybe it’s

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Beware of Vampire Power

Residential Perspective: Many electronic appliances continue to draw power even when they are switched off (TVs, microwaves, AC units, cell phone chargers). Unless you unplug these appliances while they are not in use, you will likely fall victim to what is known as vampire power

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