How Climate Change will Transform Business and the Workforce

Republished from By Amanda Ruggeri When we think of climate change, most of us think of environmental consequences like rising sea levels, elevated temperatures and melting glaciers. In some parts of the world, like south Florida or the mountains of Switzerland, those shifts already are affecting daily life.

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Climate Change Will Hit the Poorest the Hardest in the U.S.

Republished from By Brian Kahn Union County is tucked in northern Florida, half an hour north of Gainesville and an hour west of Jacksonville. It’s Florida’s smallest county, a mostly unremarkable landlocked stretch of pine forest interspersed with lakes. More than 15,000 people call it

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1 in 5 people could be a refugee by 2100

Republished from By Blaine Friedlander-Cornell In the year 2100, 2 billion people—about one-fifth of the world’s population—could become refugees due to rising ocean levels. Those who once lived on coastlines will face displacement and resettlement bottlenecks as they seek habitable places inland. “We’re going to

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Valuing the Resilience Dividend: A New Way Forward

Republished from By Sundaa Bridgett-Jones Over the past decade, the notion of resilience has emerged as a prevailing paradigm for planning that considers how people and places can survive, adapt, and grow in the face of today’s pressures, where globalization, urbanization, and climate change have combined

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Chocolate Maker Mars Vows To Spend $1 Billion To Fight Climate Change

Republished from By Dominique Mosbergen  Since Trump’s exit from the Paris agreement, American corporations are taking their own steps in the fight against global warming. When President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the landmark Paris climate agreement, American confectionary giant Mars Incorporated
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