Our Climate Future Is Actually Our Climate Present

Republished from By John Mooallem A few years ago, a locally famous blogger in San Francisco, known as Burrito Justice, created an exquisitely disorienting map, with help from a cartographer named Brian Stokle, and started selling copies of it online. The map imagined the city

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Six megatrends that could alter the course of sustainable development

Republished from By Esuna Dugarova and Nergis Gülasan We are approaching two years into implementing the ambitious 2030 Agenda – a historic agreement to end poverty, combat inequalities, promote peaceful and inclusive societies, and protect the environment. The new global framework, with 17 sustainable development

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Newly Merged DanoneWave Now the Largest U.S. Public Benefit Corp.

Republished from By Leon Kaye Plant-based foods and beverages, as well as organic dairy products, are surging in popularity due to their perceived nutrition, environmental benefits or a combination of both. Last summer, French multinational food company Danone acquired WhiteWave Foods, which owns brands such as

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