The enormous risk of being silent on climate change

Republished from By Janet Napolitano The science is indisputable: Our climate is changing, the planet is warming and sea levels are rising. Weather patterns are shifting, at times exacting a punishing toll on communities. More and more, taxpayers are footing the bill for the havoc

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Paris Accord Could Make the World $19 Trillion Richer

Republished from By Jess Shankleman Efforts to slow climate change won’t just keep the planet habitable. They will also boost the world economy by $19 trillion. Investments in renewable power and energy efficiency will add about 0.8 percent to global gross domestic product by 2050, the

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Republicans Break Ranks With Pledge to Fight Climate Change

Republished from By Eric Roston Seventeen conservative Republican members of Congress—10 of them in their first or second terms—are bucking long-time party positions and the new occupant of the White House. They announced on Wednesday that they’re supporting a clear statement about the risks associated

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How a Warming Planet Drives Human Migration

Republished from By Jessica Benko Climate change is not equally felt across the globe, and neither are its longer term consequences. This map overlays human turmoil — represented here by United Nations data on nearly 64 million “persons of concern,” whose numbers have tripled since

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