Coffee And Climate Change: In Brazil, A Disaster Is Brewing

Republished From NPR By Lulu Garcia-Navarro   Coffee lovers, alert! A new report says that the world’s coffee supply may be in danger owing to climate change. In the world’s biggest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, the effects of warming temperatures are already being felt in some communities. You

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L.A.’s Quest to Cut Fossil Fuels

Republished From By The Editorial Board   Los Angeles has suffered the worst ozone pollution of any American city for three years running. Coastal areas of the city could be swallowed by the Pacific by the end of the century as a warming climate causes sea

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Global wine production falls by 5% due to ‘climatic events’

Republished from By Stephanie Kirschgaessner Global wine production has fallen by 5% because of “climatic events” causing steep drops in production in most of the southern hemisphere, particularly Chile and Argentina. While the amount of wine produced this year should meet estimated consumer demand, the

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