The Cost of Climate Change in Hawaii

Article From and Authored by LiAnne Yu The world is literally changing and here are six issues we need to understand so we can begin calculating the costs and consequences of climate change and prepare for them. We won’t be able to save everything,

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Climate Change Is Becoming A Major Workplace Hazard

Climate change is making hard work even harder — and in some cases, deadly. By Kate Sheppard, Huffington Post An unprecedented four firefighters have died battling historic blazes in the American West this summer. The number of farmworkers suffering from heat exhaustion is set to

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Companies vs. Climate Change – An Open Letter

Olivia Sprinkel Head of Salterbaxter North America, Salterbaxter MSLGROUP Kristina Joss Head of Strategy & Commercial Director – Salterbaxter MSLGROUP Dear fellow global citizens, When reflecting on the last year, it is hard not to feel disheartened by the bombardment of negative news on our

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The Bugs Are Coming!

Ever since humans learned to wrest food from soil, creatures like the corn earworm, the grain weevil and the bean fly have dined on our agricultural bounty. Worldwide, insect pests consume up to 20 percent of the plants that humans grow for food, and that

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How Did the End of the World Become Old News?

How Did the End of the World Become Old News? There has been a lot of burning lately. Last week, wildfires broke out in the Arctic Circle, where temperatures reached almost 90 degrees; they are still roiling northern Sweden, 21 of them. And this week,

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