Climate Week in the Year of the Pandemic: Participate in this Critical Event

Climate Week in the Year of the Pandemic: Participate in this Critical Event

Climate Week in the Year of the Pandemic: Participate in this Critical Event

By Dominique Dowd, Consultant, Companies Vs Climate Change 

Although we are currently navigating a global pandemic, there is another global crisis that we cannot continue to ignore: climate change. To promote awareness, Climate Week NYC will be broadcast virtually on Sept 21-27, 2020 to convey the urgency of implementing solutions to stop climate change. As more carbon emissions become trapped in the atmosphere, these greenhouse gases cause the Earth’s temperature to rise. The impact includes melting polar caps and rising sea levels that threaten to flood coastal—often lower income—communities. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the average global sea level has steadily risen since 1993, with some areas experiencing an increase as high as eight inches.


In its’ third year, Climate Week NYC is hosted by the United Nations, the City of New York and the Climate group; a non-profit organization committed to ensuring the rate of global warming will not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius per year. Events will be held on an interactive, online platform in NYC and simultaneously with hundreds of events globally. In conjunction with Climate Week NYC are three additional virtual conferences: International Conference on Sustainable Development, The Nest Summit at Jacob Javits Center and Columbia Climate Week. Attendees are encouraged to interact with each other in The Hub Live, a series of forums and workshops for engaging discussions between hosts and attendees worldwide.

Topics will address how climate change permeates every industry from transportation to fashion and subsequently embodies racism and sexism. The first day of the summit includes events such as: “Nourishing Resilience: ESG as a Tool for Sustainable Food and AG Growth,” an analysis of how applying ESG practices can create a sustainable food system; “Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders: Shaping Up for Net Zero,” a discussion with future energy leaders on their energy management success stories; and “Subversive Catwalk: Women, Fast Fashion and Climate Justice.” Fashion produces more carbon emissions than international flights and shipping. This workshop explores the detrimental impact of the fashion industry on women’s environmental health and sexuality.

Aligned with theme “For New York, For the World,” Climate Week NYC also highlights New York City’s current carbon emissions reduction goals. The city has already made strides by eliminating fossil fuel reliance and investing in energy efficiency in municipal buildings, including renewable energy systems and EV parking. Starting in 2040, buildings will be required to reduce GHG emissions by 30% and in 2050, by 80%. Additionally, by 2030, all waste will be diverted from landfills. Trash that accumulates in landfills emit carbon as the waste disintegrates. It is imperative that we utilize alternate waste streams for recycling glass, metal, plastic, paper, electronics, clothes and organics (food) instead. To learn more about NYC’s plans for a sustainable future, read NYC’s Road Map to 80×50, NYC Carbon Challenge, NYC Zero Waste and register for Climate Week NYC here.

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